Meet Us


Franco Platania

Franco was born and raised in Italy. In 1992 he left his country and his job as an Educational Director to attend Texas Bible College. He served as Student Body Vice President while attending.

After graduating, he evangelized for about four years. During this time Franco met Sherilyn. They Pastored for about 10 years and while growing the church they pioneered a new work in the same area. Franco has a Master Degree in Leadership and he is working on his PhD. He is the author of the book “Not For Leaders Only” and “Il Viaggio” available on this web site. He has conducted several Leadership Seminars throughout the country and overseas. Student as well teacher’s manuals are available on this site.


Sherilyn Platania

Sherilyn was born in Grand Prairie TX. After attending Indiana Bible School, she worked in the music department as a choir director.

As a foreign missionary’s daughter, Sherilyn has developed an understanding of the ministry, so occasionally she speaks during revivals we held throughout the country. She is currently working on a new music project and a kids book available soon on this site.
Sherilyn speaks french and together with her husband they speak 3 languages.

Sherilyn loves to teach music. Franco and Sherilyn have three children,Audrey, David and Andrew.

Audrey, David, and Andrew

Audrey was born in May 2001 and she plays the piano. She is full of life and loves reading and music!

David was born in May of 2002 and he also plays the piano. He is a A student and loves fishing, hunting and reading.

Andrew was born in December of 2013 and he is just nothing but trouble lol..yes he loves biking.

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