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Leadership Seminars


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Dear Pastor,

We are honored to be able to come to your city and minister to a revival Church like yours! We want to help you as much as we can while there and help you push your vision and your goals forward.

These seminars are hands on teachings with fill in the blank manuals. They are not theories but rather the combined experience and results of having pastored for 15 years, starting 2 home mission Churches, running a million dollar company as marketing director, a Master Degree with emphasis on leadership, a PhD degree in course and 15 years of full time Evangelist learning from Churches I preached for as large as 2500 members.

Each manual can be purchased for $20.00 each Student. (the sale of these seminars go toward the ITALY MISSION FUNDS)

If there is any subject you do not see here please let me know and I will be more than glad to add it to this list or make some recommendations. Again thank you for your interest and we hope to be a blessing to you and your Church.

1) BORN FOR A PURPOSE (2 HOUR TEACHING for the whole Church)

This seminar is intended to awaken the gift of God within each believer. It is targeted to provoke people to get involved in ministry and Church. Everybody is born for a purpose and they are called to be involved in the work of God. This seminar includes a personality analysis to verify their field of competence. To make sure the right man is at the right place in the Kingdom.

2) THE 7 DYNAMICS OF REVIVAL (1 HOUR TEACHING for the whole Church)

This seminar is intended to make your Church aware of some of the main traits of successful and growing Churches to which I have had the privileged to minister.(over 2000 members) Success and growth do not happen by accident. There are important dynamics that contribute to such objective. Such dynamics work together and facilitate revival. The 7 dynamics of Revival are just a few of them. (Prayer, Praise, Hospitality, Leadership and so forth)


This seminar is intended to teach people the main “Aptitudes” that will move a Church from an ordinary Church to a successful Church. Many Churches are stuck to a certain level of success but they do not seem to know how to advance from such level. This seminar is intended to explore what it takes to break into a new level.

4) OUT-IN REACH ( 4 HOUR SEMINAR for the whole Church)

This seminar is intended to teach and provoke your people to do evangelism. This seminar also cover subjects such as: ” How to teach a Bible Study”, How to follow up”, and How to make disciples” . This is at least a 4 hour seminar which includes slides and hands on projects.


This seminar is intended to identify and solve Men’s issues in relation to God, Family, Church and Authority.

6) HOSPITALITY (3 HOURS SEMINAR for the whole Church)

This seminar is intended to explore the areas of Greeters, Ushers, Cadets and Organizers. It will teach your people how to cover those areas professionally in your Church. This seminar includes slides and hands on projects.

7) EAGLE LEADERS (2 HOUR SEMINAR for the whole Church)

This seminar compares the eagle’s great aptitudes to that of a leader. Your people will learn about vision, organization, legacy, communication, productivity and much more)

8) A HOME CALLED MARRIAGE (4 HOUR SEMINAR for the whole Church)

This seminar is intended to improve marriages by addressing issues such as: Conflict management and relationship improvement. It will also included personality analysis and more)


This seminar is intended to underline 10 great concepts used in the mafia as they can be applied to the leader’s life and the Church.

10) LEADERSHIP BY DESIGN (2 HOURS, for leaders only)

This seminar is intended to teach the 12 fields of leadership concepts taught by Jesus to his disciples. Some of these fields are: purpose, vision, influence and so forth)

11) HIGHWAY LEADERSHIP (4 HOURS SEMINAR , for leaders only)

This seminar explores many areas of leadership including, types of leaders, positive and negative traits and how to fix them, sphere of influence, dealing with conflicts, personal issues, purpose, direction, character.

12) HOW TO DEAL WITH LEADERSHIP CONFLICT (1 Hour, for leaders only)

This seminar deals with the conflict that often arises within the leadership. Your leaders will not learn about conflict management but rather about conflict resolution.

13) ALTAR WORKERS ( 2HOURS, for the whole Church)

This is the most undervalued and overlooked ministry in Churches and it should not be so because its operation can truly change the way we deal with visitors and saints at the altar. This ministry, when done right, can truly help us reach souls who come to the altar for a last touch before the service is over. This is a hands on seminars with a live example and practice.

14) 5 STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL LEADERSHIP (1 HOUR for the whole Church/or Leaders only)

There are many steps we all must take in order to develop our optimal leadership skills. However these five concepts are essential and critical for the success of any leader. Some things and some people cannot come with us if we plan to achieve our goals and become above average leader. Steps must be taken in order to leave the ordinary and common and reach greatest heights.

15) A CITY CALLED THE CHURCH. (2 Hours for the whole Church)

The Church operates, grows, develops and populates just like a city. We will see how a city grows and become a large community of citizens with all its complex operations. We will see how all these dynamics can be applied to the Church.

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Born For A Purpose, The 7 Dynamics Of Revival, Breaking Into The Next Level, Out-In Reach, Men And His Garden, Hospitality, Eagle Leaders, A Home Called Marriage, The 10 Things I Learned From The Godfather, Leadership By Design, Highway Leadership, How To Deal With Leadership Conflict, Altar Workers, Steps To Successful Leadership, A City Called The Church


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