About Us

Franco (Francesco) Platania


 Franco was born and raised in Italy. In 1992 he left his country and his job as an Educational Director to attend Texas Bible College. He served as Student Body Vice President while attending. After graduating, he begin to evangelize. During this time Franco met Sherilyn. They Pastored for about 10 years and while growing the church they pioneered a new work in the same area. Franco is now working as a Missionary/Evangelist  in Italy. Funded a Church in Rome, Italy and plan to start a few more. Franco has a Master Degree in Leadership and he is working on his PhD. He is the author of several books listed on this site. He has conducted several Leadership Seminars throughout the country and overseas. 

Sherilyn Platania


After attending Indiana Bible School, Sherilyn worked in the music department as a choir director and a music teacher.As a foreign missionary’s daughter, Sherilyn has developed an understanding of the ministry, so occasionally she speaks during revivals we held throughout the country. She is currently work on a kids book available soon on this site. Sherilyn speaks french and Italian.

Our Family

Blessed to be the father of Audrey, David and Andrew.

 Blessed to be the father of Audrey, David and Andrew.